In short New Life Africa International can be described as a non-profit help and education organization for Nakuru’s poor and marginalized children, youth, and women.

At the beginning, I was part of the team (Viktor Dobai/ & Frederik Smal/, which helped develop a website and new visual identity. It was part of my final group project for obtaining AP degree. The final website and final visual identity is here

But the work continued and I’ve volunteered with post production on the videos. All the footage was recorded by Viktor Dobai, who spent three months documenting the life in the New Life. We made several short documentaries, which showcase what situation is in the New Life and where the money of paying supporters are going.

Boys house.

The main video, which sends the most important message. It documents conditions of boys dormitory, which needs resources in order to build a new one. The main perspective we’re getting from Joseph Thuku, who is the teacher/role model for boys. He shows us the usual daily routine in the boys dormitory.


Another document is about Felix Ollo, who is deputy headteacher of the New Life. He is telling us a story about the success of the school and how sport helped them get national recognition. This document is a bit different from the first because it’s focusing more on the example where the resources are spent.

Volunteer experience.

The last video was recorded back in Aalborg with the volunteer. This story is about experiences of Kathrine with the New Life and she tells us how she was helping them in Nakuru.


Knowing that our work helped at least one of the children is rewarding. I’ve enjoyed every minute working with them and if the stories or the cause interest you, then you can obtain more information here.