Sometimes an artistic expression is born out of a necessity and a roll of tape. It’s different, it’s big, it’s small, it’s symmetric, it’s asymmetric, it’s whatever you want it to be – that’s how – It’s Tape. 

Focusing on content.

The first mural was inspired by nature and by the wolf. In my first edit, the idea of this elements was missing and that is why I’ve implemented CC stock footage of nature elements.

The whole idea of the abstract mural was in geometrical shapes. That is why I’d to implement motion graphics of the rectangles, lines, squares, circles to connect with the overall concept.

Creating viral content.

The idea was in creating “homemade” video. And why it was done like that? The main reason was in possible viral content and authenticity. This video was featured on Fubiz and reached to nearly 800 000 views. See here. This helped to organically reach it’s tape 2000+ news likes on Facebook in one week.

The exhibition.