Who am I ?

I’m Jakub Jezny—although everyone in Denmark calls me Jacob —a passionate and ambitious self-taught video producer and editor. Based in Copenhagen, born in Slovakia. Currently available for work or job experience.

I am educated as a bachelor in E-concept development, which focuses on innovation, web development, social media and prototyping. Even though my studying subjects did not involve a field of video production, it gave me a great amount of related knowledge which I used for my development. During the studies, I learned how to work on a wide variety of projects, which sets a great basis for better understanding design, users and technologies.

With every new project, I am challenging myself and learning something new.

I would like to work more with video on a bigger scale and that’s why I’m seeking more opportunities. Working on projects that make an impact or have a purpose gives me great happiness. I’m also interested in photography and front-end development.

Concept writing.

Starting from scratch and understanding all bases of development is important for me. I have experience with idea generation and concept writing.

Camera Handling.

The camera is my best friend. Shooting, filming or just carrying it wherever my journey takes me. Most of my videos are in style of guerilla filmmaking.

Post Production.

My biggest strength is in post production. Working with Adobe products such as Premier Pro, After Effects for simple motion graphics or post processing photography in Lightroom.

Finished Projects.

My study background helped me to understand deeper social media and user behaviors. Applying online strategies for the final production is as important as the video by itself.


Video recording
Photo editing
Motion Graphics
Video Editing
Web Development


Freelance 2016-Present
/ Video production & editing



Reframe Internship 2015, Freelance 2016-Present
/ Video production & editing
(Berlin-based company focusing on video production)

Video production company specializing in web videos. My main responsibilities in the company were designing graphical elements in post production with simple motions. Creating new templates for email newsletters and redesigning of the project proposal PDFs. This was achieved by tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I was developing the concept ideas from the first draft to the final product or involved in video production assistance for BOSCH and Edeka. I also worked as a second camera operator and boom operator for AEDES videos or CROWDFUNDING.
After the internship working remotely on motion graphics for Edeka and Food People Places.


Coolshop 2014
/ Creative department
(Denmark’s largest and now one of Europe’s fasting growing online video game and accessories stores.)

Three months internship in one of the biggest e-commerce company in Denmark. Working in a creative department to help with an advertisement of the company and front end development.

UCN – BA degree 2014-2016
/Aalborg, Denmark

This study program helped me to achieve knowledge, skills, and competencies in the strategic and business aspects of digital concept development. Furthermore, I’ve learned to develop concepts that combine different professional fields such as design and commerce, communication and marketing, user understanding, technology and project management.

UCN – AP degree  2012-2014
/Aalborg, Denmark

Finished AP degree in multimedia design and communication. It gave me a great starting point for my further studies and helped me to improve practically since we worked on real projects. Main tasks of the studies were in front end website development with small knowledge of the back end development. But also working with branding and studying design theories in order to achieve better visual experience for website users.

Photolab 2014-Present
/Event planning, co-founder

Co-organizer of the non-profit photography group, which provide photography events in Aalborg area. the Photolab organized various events. For example photo marathon, exhibition, photo talks, etc.

Later on moved to Copenhagen and organizing photo talk events in the Huset CPH.

More here.

SofarSounds 2014-2015

Volunteer photographer at Sofar Sounds Aalborg. It’s now the world’s largest live music discovery community, curating secret, intimate gigs in unique spaces all around the world.

More here.

Platform 4 2014-2015

Photographer at Platform4. Which is a non-profit user-driven project-oriented association and venue that experiments with technology (electronics) in combination with artistic genres such as music, contemporary art, design, hacking, architecture, game development, 3D printing, video projection and much more.

More here.

On Air Festival 2013-2015
/Video production

Making videos for student community radio, which organize a variety of events. Made promotional videos and after movies of each organized festivals.
More here.

New Life Africa International 2015
/Video post production, Web development

I was part of the team, which helped develop a website for NGO called New Life Africa International. It helps and educates Nakuru’s poor and marginalized children, youth and women. The website was developed in 2015 and here is the link: http://newlife-africa.org/ But also worked on post-production of the videos.

What's next?