My second take on the On Air Festival, which is a non-profit project organized by the Aalborg Student Radio. The event was bigger and stronger with line up like Monkey Okay, Via Mala, Fabl, Hollow Hollow, Sigurvin Sigurdsson and much more. Same like last year the work was divided into three stages of production. Promo video, promotional flashbacks from last year and lastly aftermovie.


The video represents the festival and the value of the Aalborg Student radio, which is striving for diversity. That was achieved by using demographics of the student radio from different backgrounds, ethnicities or musical tastes. Each character in the video represents specific personality. This should represent the festival, which was for young people with different musical tastes.


Flashbacks were used on social medias for promotional purposes. For this, I’ve used unused footage from last year’s festival to increase the “hype” of the event. It also helped show glimpses of the festival to the new audience.