This page is divided into three categories. The first part contains information about my internship at Reframe production based in Berlin. The second chapter is about freelancing for Food People Places, which is subchannel of Reframe. This channel is focusing on food-related videos. Lastly my freelance work for Edeka, which is connected to the Food People Places.


Video production company specializing in web videos. My main responsibilities in the company were designing graphical elements in post production with simple motions. Creating new templates for email newsletters and redesigning of the project proposal PDFs. This was achieved by tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I was developing the concept ideas from the first draft to the final product or involved in video production assistance for BOSCH and Edeka. I also worked as a second camera operator and boom operator for AEDES videos or CROWDFUNDING.

Food People Places.

Food, People, Places is a Web Video Series about food culture from all over the world. It explores cultural conversations about our most basic everyday activity – eating – portraying the growing community of entrepreneurs and creatives in the field. It features the most exciting places where today’s new food movements are happening and delivers recipe videos, which give audience a regular dose of who, where & what is happening in culinary culture.

Final Results.

My involvement with these videos was motion graphics. These videos have been featured on world known websites (BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, The Huffington Post, etc.) and the most viewed video reached nearly 350 000 of views on the Youtube.
“14 Ways to transform a Potato” won also food blog award from AMA. Read more.

Motion Graphics.

Working on the motion graphics, which should represent the dish name, playful typography and main ingredients. The final results are graphical, but in the same time following the graphical elements.

Making of.

Behind the scenes video on which I was working, both on the editing and recording. You can see glimpses of me assisting on the video set.


Top 5 videos from Edeka were another freelance project. In total 7 videos were made, which were similar to the motion graphics of Food People Places videos. In this case, I needed to follow the design manual given by Edeka. Where the main shape of the dish names should be rounded with circle body shapes.