Sunrise from Kriváň, Slovakia

Chapter I / I

With my buddies, I had promising forecast for a great sunrise. What should we do then? Yes, “sleepover” on one of the biggest symbols of Slovakia —Kriváň. It’s exceptional place in the heart of the High Tatras, which attracts locals and tourists each year for a spectacular hike.

In English Curved Mount—Kriváň is easily recognizable for its conspicuously curved summit. Kriváň is believed to have the greatest height from its base in the whole Tatras. Also, it has been a major symbol in Slovak ethnic and national activism for the past two centuries.

The ascent to the Kriváň Mt. 2,494.7 metres (8,184.7 ft) takes around 8 hours. The most comfortable and quick way to reach the top of Kriváň starts at the point called Tri studničky. The first serpentines of the green-marked footpath bring tourists to a place called Grúnik. The path goes on from Grúnik crossing the slope of the Priehyba Mt. to a steep trough covered by falling debris from the Kriváň.

After fast ascent —6 hours, we were ready to see last bits of the sunset.

Nothing left just wait for the sunrise and watch the spectacular sky full of stars. From the top, you can have a nice view on the city Poprad.

Rise and shine.

Doesn’t seem like the best place to lay down, but you can’t be picky at 2494m above the sea. Trying to find the best position to lay down is hard, when a huge piece of rock is pushing you to shoulder. But it’s part of the magic. We got our reward after the sun was raising and gave us this amazing colors of the sky, which you can obtain only from so high.

The End.

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