The story of the music video is a reflection of a complex situation in which a character finds oneself in a state of depression. He is trapped in a static environment with the familiar faces around him, experiencing the same kind of emotions and feels a building urge to break through the circumstances and to move on. The plotline of the story is an attempt to express that abstract yet strong feeling of struggle to get free of a current state and character’s trial of gathering the inner strength and energy in order to make that change to happen.


For the visual part. The lighting was set up on the character from the backside and where the silhouettes of the face can stand out such as cheekbones, lips, hair, eyes. This will create a stronger visual feeling and creates anonymity of character.


The video was recorded in black and white and in format 4:3 to get more square feeling. Used in different movies or music videos. This reflects on the trapped feeling, lack of space and is in the same time more unique, which creates perfect shape for “portrait video”.