Drinking in Bruges, Belgium

Chapter I / I

What can I say about the Bruges? Mornings were tough and the day time was blurrier and blurrier. Just saying that be careful with the beer, or maybe not. The canal, the city, the beer..oh the beer. It’s way too tempting to drink it all (impossible). There is way too many of them to taste. Just deciding to buy some is painful, to drink most of them in just two days will keep you drunk for some time.

They say that Bruges is a romantic city, but for me was more interesting how many people get wasted drinking by the canal. Getting loaded by the canal is a proper beer romance.

Coffee and this chocolate chip bun from Aux Merveilleux saved our mornings.

48 hours of museums and all the touristy stuff.

There are many places to visit, but we wanted to go on a boat trip, see the view from The Belfry and the Groeninge museum. By itself, it would cost more than the pass. The two-day pass, which cost around 40 euros let you explore all the museums and exhibitions. I’ve never felt so touristy in my life, but you can survive that while you’re drunk.

The End.

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