Walking on the Lønstrup dunes, Denmark

Chapter I / I

It’s a hard to catch a nice day in Denmark for a walk, but when the days come (probably once or twice a year) it’s worth it… When that day comes up I totally recommend seeing —soon to be destroyed Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse.

We’ve started to walk from small town called Lønstrup, which is 4km away from the cliff.

Denmark is a flat country, considering that the highest “mountain” is 170m tall. That’s why you can be happy for Rubjerg Knot, which is the highest point on the west coast of Vendsyssel. The cliff is 60m high and on top of it is a water slide up to 30m.

At some point, you may even stop thinking you actually are in Denmark! Enjoying the weather, nature, stare at sea or climbing the dunes bare foot.

Back in the days when Rubjerg Knot Lighthouse was built (1899), the highest place was chosen 200m inland. But nature gradually showed the power. The wind and the ocean have broken down the cliff, so the lighthouse is only a few meters from the edge. It is created by the wind blowing loose sand grains from the cliff.

The lighthouse is the last building to remain standing against the sand, but not for long. The lighthouse will within the next 10-15 year fall into the sea because of coastal erosion.

The End.

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